Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Work

Its been a while but I have finished some new work. These came about while I was messing around and I think I've stumbled onto a path that may lead to many ideas. I've been working with still lifes but to represent people- in other words these still life works were meant as portraits. For instance, the shoes that I completed earlier are actually a portrait of Lori. So thinking about still life, I came on the idea of painting things I like as self portrait but then I thought about flipping that around- how about things I don't like? I have a real problem with my hands and arms, especially when I have to fight with things. Anything that gets tangled can be a real problem. I was mad at some hangers one day and threw them on the floor and, whoa- the pattern was interesting. I started painting a picture of them and this whole idea started to grow. I believe I have a large bank of compositions with the line and it is interesting to think of these things as a nemesis, evil twin type of doppelganger thing. The first (Entanglements) is a little shaky in terms of technique but with the second (Nemesis) I feel like I'm getting my chops back.

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