Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 Angry Women

Just received word that my piece Hangers (Entanglements) was accepted to the 12 Angry Women show at the Soundry in Northern Va. Its a fun concept- a juried show using a jury of 12 women- the catch is the artist had to be male. Yep, I'm a dude. Its a bummer that I'll be out of town for work the weekend of the opening but I look forward to seeing what they came up with.

I personally think Entanglements is the weakest of the Things I Really Don't Like series, but looking at the images together in my past couple of posts- it probably does show better. In person, I don't believe it is in the same league. I think I noted earlier that we need a new camera and I would say this is proof. The richness of the surface simply does not show in these images

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