Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wolf Kahn at Addison Ripley

A quick trip into DC on Sunday to see the Wolf Kahn show and pick up some paint that has gotten critically low. I like his paintings a lot. The well executed but in the end, these paintings lacked a certain spark. So while I was excited by his technique no paintings blew me away. These paintings seemed quite "safe" though there is no doubt that he can paint. I noticed three red dots. Two pastels and a relatively small painting. Added up to about $22K. Not bad but there is a lot of work left in the gallery. Perhaps the frames were a turn off. They looked like they were salvaged from a dump in the 60's. They were beat up, scratchy and had paint stains on them. Seemed odd for a gallery that has a high end frame business.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

...and our furnace is broken. Its pretty cold in the house. The main floor is really cold but it was pretty toasty upstairs under about 5 blankets. The good news, if there is any- the basement is still pretty warm so if we can't get ti fixed today, I should still be able to paint.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Back to Work

Unlike many artists that must work a day job to make ends meet, I actually like my job but it keeps me extremely busy during November and December including time spent in markets across the country. This, and wonderful visits from friends and family, has kept me out of the studio for about 3 weeks. The first couple of days back were a little frustrating. Though I did no irreparable harm to the works in progress, I felt as though I was simply pushing paint around, not getting any closer to finishing- even, perhaps taking a step back. I think it took a while to get back to normal (if that is possible) from both the time zone change and recovering from working in stores for about 11-13 hours a day. I've finally started to feel like myself, especially in the studio and the paintings are moving forward. I am trying to finish three that were close to completion before I left for Arizona a few week ago. I hope to finish them up this weekend. I really need to get some more work together. There are a number of opportunities I would like to try to take advantage of but don't know if I have enough work.