Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Haunts

On our trip back home, Lori and I got to visit a few old haunts. Actually, our first meal away from family was a Chinese buffet. They have these all over the Norfolk area and we have become fond of one near my mother's place in Va Beach. Like so many of them, it is called something like "Lucky NO 1 Buffet." We like it because it has some unusual things- my favorite being something they call Thailand Chicken. Quite a medley of spices providing plenty of heat but still terrific flavor. We then went to see An Education at the Naro, an old art house theater- one screen, balcony, affordable snacks, may made by local places. The movie was good since it was a cautionary tale for parents of a "clever" cello playing girl. I got to see some old friends at the Ghent Total Wine where I was the wine manager when it opened. Finally, Lori and I ate at the site of our first "date," Orapax. I'm a sucker for their wings. The pizza was excellent with a perfect crust. I think they may have changed the sauce a little because it seemed a little darker lending it a little more robust flavor than I remember. Lori got the spanakopita which was much larger than we remembered. All and all, a nice day. We finished by driving down Granby street, where we opened the Praha gallery many years ago. What was a pretty edgy place after dark is now populated by nice restaurants, a campus of the area community college and boutique shops. I guess we could say we are pioneers. We didn't get a chance to check them out, but I understand there are some good galleries in Norfolk now.

Back to the Studio

Well, its good to be back from our thanksgiving trip and now I'm ready to get back in the studio. When I left, I had a couple of pieces nearing completion and another canvas ready to go. I have finished the small version of Nemesis and it will be in a show art the gallery in Hyattsville opening on December 12th. I will post more info soon but here is an image of the piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm slowly working on updating this blog. Lori and I are moving towards having our own sites so we are using this as an intermediate step. I've posted my resume. I need to get a gallery of work up and running. Its getting there. I've also been working. I typically do not like to make work specifically for shows. I'm a slow painter and I try to place all my energies on creating the work I want to do. But recently, I have started working on some smaller pieces for the upcoming patron member show at's Hyattsville gallery. This worked out well since I wanted to explore the same themes I have been working on in smaller format. I have finished one and will post as soon as I can get a good image. I have a number of paintings going in studio but I am also working hard on drawing again. I also plan to blog about my other interests such as wine (my day job) and music.