Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm slowly working on updating this blog. Lori and I are moving towards having our own sites so we are using this as an intermediate step. I've posted my resume. I need to get a gallery of work up and running. Its getting there. I've also been working. I typically do not like to make work specifically for shows. I'm a slow painter and I try to place all my energies on creating the work I want to do. But recently, I have started working on some smaller pieces for the upcoming patron member show at's Hyattsville gallery. This worked out well since I wanted to explore the same themes I have been working on in smaller format. I have finished one and will post as soon as I can get a good image. I have a number of paintings going in studio but I am also working hard on drawing again. I also plan to blog about my other interests such as wine (my day job) and music.

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