Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet the Artist Night at Artomatic

So the truffles went over well, probably better than the art. Their chocolaty deliciousness got people to hang around a bit. I had some really good comments but, as usual, Heather stole the show. She was working her shift on the fourth floor but telling everyone to come down and try the truffles- it worked! We met Conner, the 12 year old artist- seems like a good kid.

I also reconnected with someone I knew from the 80's when I was at the Corcoran, painter Matthew Langley. I was a little embarrassed since my work being shown is simply ok, but it seems he went through the same sort of trajectory as I did- Stopped painting shortly after art school, found a way to makes some money (day job) and then began to work painting back into his life. It was encouraging. I'm already much happier with my latest work. I'm giving myself a year to see, if I can get back to a high level of work I was at before.

Right now there are two struggles- getting my chops back and what I should paint. I'm working on the first issue and simply painting whatever for the time being. I'm researching and planning out some future work- going back to TS Eliot- this time I'm working with the Four Quartets. I'm hoping that by the time I'm firing on all cylinders I will also have arrived at some subject matter that will make for compelling work.

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