Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I think I need to work on my drawing. Getting back into this art stuff is going well but there are things I used to be able to do easily which are more difficult now. In the past I cold rough out what I want to paint and simply work it to a good point. I now believe this was due to the fact that I drew alot too, so painting became an extension of drawing in a way. Since I've done neither in so long I can't simply rely on my skills as a draftsman anymore- I need to get those chops back. Though I will still paint, my plan is to concentrate on drawing for a while.

My style always relied on large areas of rich, dark colors. Now that I am working with a single object or a few, I need to be sure I don't copy Jim Dine (or even Donald Sultan) too much. Again, I'm little less worried about content at this point but still...

I'm pretty happy with this shoe- it is a study for a painting I will complete soon. I'm messing around with stuff in the studio like the corkscrew and the cork drawing. With the cork drawing, I am going back to the old style. Still not sure where I'm going to land

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