Saturday, June 2, 2012

Artomatic Top Ten (and a few more)

I had no problem coming up with a top ten this year so I'll have a few near misses at the end. I've seen quite a few other top ten lists and it is pretty clear most of us have preferences that lead to our choices. I don't usually find myself interested in a lot of work based in Relational Aesthetics or relying on the participation of others in its creation. It is not that these strategies can't produce great, profound art but usually these works tend to elicit a "so what" out of me. Often these types of works are simply too obvious to me, and others just are not executed very well. I'm not all that interested in realism and/or virtuosity for its own sake. I also don't find that some elaborate "installations" helped the work that was being show. So I find that works employing the strategies above tend to garner a lot of attention and even appear on a lot of Top Ten Lists. I guess my lists run more to work I would be drawn to in a normal gallery setting, even want to own. So ironically, many of the artists in my Top Ten do appear in other Top Tens. I would guess my outliers are based on my own agenda.  For the most part, I have included links to the Artomatic Artists Profiles, when available.

Top Ten in no particular order:

Elizabeth Martin Brown

Great glass artists David D'Orio, Joseph Corcoran and Sean Hennessey could have easily been included but I ended up just picking one and it is no secret that I'm a fan of Michael Janis' work. Many 2-D(ish) artists including Andrew Wodzianski, Shanthi Chandrasekar, Lucio Palimieri, George Goetzke and Zofie Lang are also excellent. Erin Antognoli's new work looks great and I really liked Sherrill Anne Gross' non-objective pieces. There was plenty of good photography but the room shared by Julie Wolsztynski and Angela Kleis stood out for me. There was even some standouts that I wouldn't normally be drawn to such as Melissa Miller's landscapes and Dana A Greaves' portraits which offered something more than the norm. I'm sure I missed a few good things and probably forgot a few too.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Stephen! I have since updated my artist catalog profile. Information on my work as well as contact information can be found here,