Monday, October 24, 2011

My Favorites from Artomatic@Frederick

Here are a few of my favorites from Artomatic@Frederick. I wish I had taken pictures since I had some difficulty finding sites or images by a number of these artists. So, make sure you go and when your there, make a point of seeing these spaces.

Brain Slagle- I helped Brain and his father put together the base portion of Corn Crib. It really turned out beautifully.

Jeff and Kristin Bohlander- First I want to thank them for the additional reflected light. Jeff's collages and Kristin's mixed media sculptures are very different. Having spouse that is an artist, I think it is so interesting when couples make work very differently. I think it just has to be that way.

Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield- Quirky, wonderfully crafted pieces

Roberta Staat- I'm sucker for good drawing. Though there are a lot of cow artwork out there, I really like these for the technique.

Rhonda J Smith- Her prints with added collage and embroidered elements convey a mystical quality that touches on universal themes

Kristin Partridge-
Hard to not like something this lovely

Deborah Winram- Her keepsake piece is intriguing. It is made of small jars containing, for the most part, delicate reminders of the past.

Michael Winger- Excellent sculptures with wood, twine and other natural elements. I was particularly taken by the wall piece.

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